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Welcome to the Parkland Theatre Entertainment Centre, where first run movies are $6.00 at all times! Please call us at 513.600.7900 to schedule your private event ~ whether you want to watch a MOVIE, play XBOX360 or PlayStation PS3, or watch anything on the big screen - TV (Football, Baseball or a series Premiere! ) the theatre is sure to meet your needs! Call us at 513.600.7900 to schedule your unique private event today!
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Did You Know??  The Parkland Theatre is the least expensive theatre in the Tri-state area!!! With Admissions only $6 and most concessions are only $1 

Book a PRIVATE EVENT!! Call Ed 513-600-7900




EAT in your SEAT!!!! We will bring your hot food to you!! Pizza’s! Soft Pretzels! Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies! Wings! Cheese Stix! Chicken Nuggets! And More….


Projector, Screen and Surround Sound!!!!!


Tuesday January 27th

5:00pm        Paddington (PG)


Wednesday January 28th  

5:00pm        Paddington (PG)


Thursday January 29th  

7:00pm        LIVE Presentation – Fr. Shannon Collins – Free Admission

Does the Church Still Teach That Wives Should Be Submissive to Their Husbands?

In these modern times, some have wrongly concluded that a break with past teaching on marriage has occurred, that wives are no longer required to be submissive to their husbands...that mutual subjection has replaced the idea that wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Does the Church still teach that the husband is head of his wife as Christ is Head of the Body the Church? Is the husband still in the place of authority where he must lead and his wife must follow?  

This will be great for those who are called to Marriage

                                                     Or already Married!


http://images.fandango.com/ImageRenderer/740/600/mdcwebsite/images/global/still_looking120x148.jpg/0/images/masterrepository/fandango/132214/annie_dgtl_mkt_tsr_lk2_1.jpg http://images.fandango.com/ImageRenderer/740/600/mdcwebsite/images/global/still_looking120x148.jpg/0/images/masterrepository/fandango/170279/ddt_tsr1sheet_0620_1_sm.jpg

** Last week for Annie **

Friday January 30th  

5:00pm        Annie (PG)

7:00pm        Annie (PG)

9:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)

11:00pm      Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13) – special showing J


Saturday January 31st    

12:00pm      Private Birthday Party  

5:00pm        Annie (PG)

7:00pm        Annie (PG)

9:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)


Sunday February 1st  

1:00pm        Annie (PG)

3:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)

5:30pm        Private SUPERBOWL Party   


Monday February 2nd   

5:00pm        Annie (PG)

7:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)


Tuesday February 3rd    

5:00pm        Annie (PG)

7:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)


Wednesday February 4th     

5:00pm        Annie (PG)

7:00pm        Dumb And Dumber to (PG-13)


COMING SOON – Disney’s Into the Woods!!!; Big Hero 6…- Vote on the feedback tab      


Directions:  ROUTE 50 (River Road) Turn on GRACELY DR. (Sayler Park turnoff) Continue on GRACELY DR. north on TWAIN go 1 block corner of Parkland and Twain Ave’s  

(15 minutes WEST of downtown Cincinnati and 15 minutes EAST of Lawrenceburg IN.)


6550 Parkland Ave, Cincinnati Oh 45233