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Welcome to the Parkland Theatre Entertainment Centre, where first run movies are $6.00 at all times! Please call us at 513.600.7900 to schedule your private event ~ whether you want to watch a MOVIE, play XBOX360 or PlayStation PS3, or watch anything on the big screen - TV (Football, Baseball or a series Premiere! ) the theatre is sure to meet your needs! Call us at 513.600.7900 to schedule your unique private event today!
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Did You Know??  The Parkland Theatre is the least expensive theatre in the Tri-state area!!! With Admissions only $6 and most concessions are only $1 

Book a PRIVATE EVENT!! Call Ed 513-600-7900




EAT in your SEAT!!!! We will bring your hot food to you!! Pizza’s! Soft Pretzels! Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies! Cheese Stix! Chicken Nuggets! And More….


Friday August 26th                       

5:00pm        Finding Dory (PG)

7:00pm        Nine Lives (PG)

9:00pm        Ghostbusters (PG-13)


Saturday August 27th                   

12:00pm      Nine Lives (PG)

2:00pm        Finding Dory (PG)

4:00pm        Ghostbusters (PG-13)

7:00pm        Nine Lives (PG)

9:00pm        Ghostbusters (PG-13)


Sunday August 28th                        

1:00pm        Finding Dory (PG)

3:00pm        Nine Lives (PG)

5:00pm        Ghostbusters (PG-13)


Monday August 29th      



Tuesday August 30th       



Wednesday August 31st                       

5:00pm        Finding Dory (PG)

7:00pm        Nine Lives (PG)


Thursday September 1st                       

5:00pm        Nine Lives (PG)

7:00pm        Ghostbusters (PG-13)


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Directions:  ROUTE 50 (River Road) Turn on GRACELY DR. (Sayler Park turnoff) Continue on GRACELY DR. north on TWAIN go 1 block corner of Parkland and Twain Ave’s  

(15 minutes WEST of downtown Cincinnati and 15 minutes EAST of Lawrenceburg IN.)


6550 Parkland Ave, Cincinnati OH 45233